Data Science & Analytics, Big Data & Hadoop Training in Delhi

Data Science & Analytics, Big Data & Hadoop Training in DelhiClaimed

We started our journey in 2012 and trained thousands of working professionals and student to fulfill their aspirations. We are improvising our training methodology day by day and confident of producing Analytics experts through transitioning the knowledge and sharing interesting projects and case studies.


Data science course In New Delhi will help you develop statistical and analytical skills with proving deep insight into SQL and Statistical Software Macros. Advanced statistical techniques accounts to major framework of the data science course which will help you gain expertise in Clustering, Decision Tree, time series and regression.

Collecting and transforming huge amount of data in more readable format, grasping of data patterns, pointing out new trends in analyzing business statistics and the knack of playing wisely with programming languages like R and Python accounts to the basics of Data Science Training in new Delhi. The course in Data Science Institute in New Delhi will definitely prove beneficial for the beginners in Statistical Software.You must belong to quantitative background like Finance, Maths, Engineering, Business management and Statistics.