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As you know the quickest way to change your appearance is to wear a wig so it follows when entering into character with a costume, the most effective change is also the wig. 

Luckily, it’s easy to find a wonderful selection of fantastic high-quality costume wigs in good costume shops in Ireland. You can find a wig for any character and you are not limited to trudging from one fancy dress store to the next – often in different towns, the best costume stores provide a facility online where you can purchase your fancy wig from the comfort of your own home. 


People love to participate in fun public parades and street theatre, they can express themselves outrageously as their favorite character from the movies, TV shows, entertainment, and from their own imagination

Lip-synch is a great fundraiser for local community groups and causes, it’s a fun activity for performers and a temporary social outlet in the winter months.  It provides a fun opportunity for neighbors to come together on winter nights to rehearse, chat and generally hang out.  It creates a bond and raises some much-needed funds for the locality or sometimes even national causes.  

Performers usually dress up in costumes to represent their character 

Costume Wigs for Men

There are a fantastic selection of wigs for men to choose from; huge black curly Afro wigs, red clown wigs, blue troll hair wigs, and even multi-colored wigs that represent national flags.  It is possible to change your entire appearance by adding a wig to the costume, perhaps a pair of glasses, a beard, and/or a mustache.  

A mullet wig is reminiscent of the 80’s disco scene. Many men of that era, who would not otherwise participate in fun activities, instantly become a rocker from their youth when they don this wig. These hairpieces come in all the usual colors of blonde, brown, black and there’s even a greying version.  It’s very easy to complete this outfit with dark glasses, an open-neck shirt, and other fashion items from this period. They are easy to wear and comfortable. 

The Georgian Man wig is a hairpiece right out of the 1700s / 1800s with curls and shaping that can also double as a lawyer’s wig, depending on the rest of the outfit.  Turn yourself into a hippy with a long wig or the next Bob Marley with rasta dreads.  Try an Elvis Presley quiff, Edward Scissor Hands spikes, or even a bald cap to fully assume the persona of your favorite character.

Women’s Costume Wigs

Women love to dress in character and a wig makes all the difference. Become Cruella Deville, a Bavarian Fraulein, a Medieval Princess, or a 50’s Woman with a ‘Beehive’

Abba is always a popular choice for a stage appearance.

Whatever your reason for dressing up, there is something for every occasion, for men or women of every age. You can view the wigs online in good party shop outlets, order online, or pick them up for free in-store. 


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