July 2019: Top Verified Beauty and Spa Treatments in New Delhi

July 2019: Top Verified Beauty and Spa Treatments in New Delhi

Stuck in the regularities of professional and private spheres, relaxing and rejuvenation becomes a necessity to revive back the vitality, resorting to Beauty and Spa are the ultimate redeemers. Following are some of the best beauty and spa treatments in New Delhi the soothing experience of which will calm your senses.

Oberoi Spa

It is located in Oberoi Hotel, Delhi and focuses on establishing peace between body and mind. It completely revitalizes and rejuvenates the whole of your body, a perfect spiritual retreat for your soul.

Three Graces

It is the perfect place for the elites to set foot on which marks its location in Ashoka Hotel, Chanakyapuri. The significance of Three Graces accounts to the goddess of joy, beauty and charm. It’s a perfect place to relax and indulge in the luxurious environment. They offer services like skin analyzer, Ayurvedic therapies for curing migraines and spondylitis.

Amatrra Spa

Amatrra takes its name from the spiritual silence between the rounds of meditation and continuous chanting of “Om”. The silence which connects the body, soul and mind in perfect balance in order to achieve boundless spiritual experience, is wonderful to realize. It offers spa and beauty treatments totally divorced from the regular lives. It is located in The Ashok, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi.

Roseate Aheli Spa

When it comes to luxurious spa, Roseate Aheli Spa is the best one to retreat to. If you are clamoring for a spiritual escape, then visit it. You will be rejuvenated and the relaxing ambience of it is a soul consuming one. It offers indoor as well as outdoor spa services.

Claridges Hotel Spa

If you want to lose yourself completely and experience a complete tranquil state then you can consider visiting Claridges Hotel Spa. It’s one of the perfect spas which indulges in relaxing therapies accompanied with soothing music.

New Orchid Spa

Nothing is best then this if you are looking forward to experiencing entirely different experience. It offers various massage therapies situated in Connaught place in new Delhi. The affordable rates further make it rather more convincing.

Soma Spa, Shangrila

Aiming at physical and spiritual well being offers best facilities of spa and fitness. Located in the heart of Delhi, Connaught Place. It also offers facilities like Swimming and Jacuzzi.

Metropolitan Hotel and Spa

It offers vast range of treatments in luxurious setting. You will feel rejuvenated and relaxed with a sense of fresh bloom of life. This spa is a ‘must’ to visit at least once. Apart from using world class products it aims at customer’s satisfaction and comfort.

Kairali Ayurvedic Center

The Mehrauli center lays its foundation on Ayurveda medicine and philosophy and shares expertise in delivering treatments on platforms. It infuses a sense of wellbeing and positivity within the individuals. Altogether, it is divine resignation from routine life.

Tapasya Beauty and Spa

Located in Green Park, Tapasya Beauty and Spa is recognized for its various spa treatments like detoxification, stimulating and beautifying the body and the mind. Its signature therapies include facial treatments, body therapies and treatments, natural packs and scrubs. It is certainly the best Spa in Green park.

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