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Every month we launch/update the lists of Top 10 businesses from each business category. This is a paid platform to list your business in the top 10 for higher leads and conversions for your business. NOTE: The Top 10s listings are free for a Limited Period.
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GrowthFairs – A Local Business Search Engine

Gone are the days when one used to maintain a particular notebook for keeping safe the details of important day to day services. With evolution in technological frame, the things have become more feasible and uncomplicated.

If you are starting your business and are totally in dark about the promotion of your services then business listing is your refuge. The purpose of business listing is to be found. GrowthFairs provide business listing services for B2B and B2C platforms with multiple categories to choose from and help your business rank high on the search engines. What is a Local Business Listing?  

Business listing is listing your business online with a complete authentic overview of your services and products on the business listing websites. The business listing includes NAP (Name, Address, Phone number), images, ratings, reviews which completely defines what you deal in and how it can prove beneficial for your potential customers.

What is A Local Business Listing?

Business listing is listing your business online with a complete authentic overview of your services and products on the business listing websites. The business listing includes NAP (Name, Address, Phone number), images, ratings, reviews which completely defines what you deal in and how it can prove beneficial for your potential customers.

What Gave Rise to GrowthFairs?

Earlier, before the rule of search engines, every business used to have its own website and this mushrooming of various websites created a hoax at the front. In this flux, the customer had to struggle to find the right deal. This further fumed up the requirement of a structured frame for easing up the process of getting the location of a relevant services people search online.

This what gave rise to business listing. Apart from that, the fresh ones have to resort to different modes of promotion through radio, television, pamphlets, newspaper etc. which used to pose burden on their budget frame. Now, you can find your relevant service provider near you after some clicks and Growthfairs is the portal which enable that kind of search for online visitors.

What are the Advantages of Business Listing for Business Firms?

  • Improves Visibility Online

If you want your business to be known then you must list your business on prominent business listing websites which will help the customers reach out to you and will increase your business visibility online. The more websites your business covers the more recognition and visibility it is going to gain online on search engines.

With filtering option, you can customize and targeted region you wish to expand your reach to by categorizing your product and services, for being found by the customer.  Listing your business on Google My Business will help gain visibility online and will help the customers reach your business with proper listed location of your firm. It is the most effective way to gain relevancy in the eyes of the crawlers which will surge up the page rank of your website.

  • Use of Word of Mouth

If you are doing your work sincerely then let the customer roar about it. Ratings and Customer Reviews are the   word of mouth declaration of your services which are held online. Reviews are the best way to generate authenticity about your product and services online along with maintaining online reputation.

Negative reviews hardly have any effect on your brand reputation if it is completely overshadowed by the positive ones. Your customers will directly reach out to you or contact you if they find services genuine from online reviews and this will further increase your sales.

  • Increases Brand Awareness

According to a research “68% of the customers refrain from contacting the business if they found incorrect information online”. Being relevant is the key here. When a user performs a search online for a particular service, it displays results in accordance with the relevancy of the search online.

You need to give a crystal-clear view about your products and services online along with the proper required information for ranking at the top of business listings on the search engines.

A proper professional outlook with complete information of your brand and services on the business listing website will engage the interest of the customer and will make him reach out to you. If a customer views your business or it simply gets displayed in the search results increases the brand awareness of your product and will further increase your customer engagement.

  • Increases Online Authority 

Business Listing increases online authority of your website through “Backlinks” which your website gets from other business listing websites. The crawlers boost our website on the basis of links placed by the business listing websites on our websites.

  • Increases Traffic on your Website

Your website is liable to gain traffic if you have listed complete and authentic view of your services on prominent business listing websites in proper sync with the targeted keyword. So, that a user searching with the particular keyword and your profile is searchable then he is bound to land at your website, increasing the traffic on your website eventually.

  • Inexpensive Nature of Promotion 

Walking down the lane for promoting your business and products through offline mode is nothing but a time taking and expensive thing to opt for. You can rather switch to online mode for promoting your services and products by listing the overview of your company and products at the relevant and effective business listing websites with high domain authority. This is the most productive and most cost-effective way for creating brand awareness which along with gaining recognition will increase your sales graph.

  • Panacea for Small Business Owners

The small business owners are likely to get more benefit from the business listing portals as along with increasing the brand awareness and traffic it increases the overall revenue of the firm and this will help create an impression about your products and services on the minds of the customers.

Advantages of Business listings for Customers?

  • When a customer will conduct a search for a particular service online, the most relevant of the listing will appear at the top of the search engines, which enhances the reliability of the services and products.
  • The customer will get the complete information online like the name, address, phone number along with the URL of the website which can land him directly on the website.
  • The maximum ratings and positive reviews will generate an authentic view about your services and products and the customer is more likely to engage through it.

Why Choose GrowthFairs for Local Business Promotions?  

  • With our customized and properly categorized services, there are no chances of error when you search for locally based services.
  • Listings are completely free; we charge no penny for that.
  • Inside the listings the users will find the locations for the particular business, which will help you reach the right firm.
  • Customers can share their views about the business along with providing ratings for the services availed.
  • Unlike any other business portals, the GrowthFairs provides the perfect platform which is user friendly and the user gets relevant results for their search query.
  • Every single listing on Growth fair is verified and real.
  • Any customer can communicate with the business owner for their requirements online.
  • GrowthFairs allow all businesses to promote their products and services through video sharing so that user can understand their products more effectively.

Advantages of Choosing GrowthFairs

  • Better user interface in comparison to other portals
  • Easy to use on hand-held devices like mobiles, tablets, iPad, ichord
  • Users will find quick search results of listed businesses
  • We do not charge any kind of communication fee from customers
  • We have more than 50 categories worldwide to choose from
  • Any business owner can list multiple business listings from a single account.
  • Get 100% Free Dash Board where you can check Your Analytics:
    • Under analytics you can see total views of your listings
    • you can also check total number of favorites on your listings how many likes your listing have encountered
    • You can have clear idea about how your site is performing with analytics give you rating by collecting all your data which is shares, favorite, and views etc.