8 Most Important Tips to Rule Google Maps

8 Most Important Tips to Rule Google Maps

Google Maps listing is a crucial step to ensuring a leading space in online marketing. Google maps can help you get discovered by new prospects and customers and generate more business. Proximity is one of the major factors that Google Maps take into account while ranking the local searches for a query online.

Customers hardly look beyond the past few searches online; therefore, it is crucial to make sure that your Google Business listing is optimized to appear for the relevant searches. With 46% of the customers having local intent, it becomes furthermore imperative to rank on the top of Google Maps.

So, how can you achieve this? Here are some points!

Add information to your Business listing

To keep your business updated, you must add an accurate NAP (Name, Address, and Phone Number). The more information the listing provides, the higher it will rank in search engines.  You can add, name phone number, business name, address, website products, services, images, and description.

Ensure that the NAP on your website matches GMB

Apart from having a physical address, The NAP (Name, Address, and Phone Number) should be consistent with the business’s name.  The details have to be the same on every platform online. Regardless of it is your website, your GMB (Google My Business) Listing, or other directory listings online.

Ensure each business page has a different Web page

If your business has multiple branches or locations, it is important to create distinct webpages optimized for each business location. It will help your website get more visibility in the local searches.

Proper use of Citations

Getting citation in regional directories, local directories, and major global locations is critical for building credibility and authority of your website online. It helps drive credible traffic to your site.  You can seek different ways of finding mentions in a blog or newspaper for better visibility online.

Post Regularly to your Google My Business listings

Like other social media platforms, you can engage with your customers on Google My Business listing by regularly updating images, or other business information on the GMB page. Regular posting and updating send a strong signal to Google and help you rank better on Google Maps.

Maximize business reviews online

Google takes reviews of businesses seriously. It is because nearly every customer visits the reviews before visiting the website for making a purchase online. Well, there are many ways to generate reviews about your business; you can go to encouraging your customers to write a review of your brand online.  Don’t get tempted to write the reviews yourself, it could lead to a penalty.

Reviews from third-party sources like Google guides, Yelp guide, and more are considered as reliable.

Utilize inbound links

For developing authority on Google, your business needs recognition from another high authority website in the industry.  While creating link-building for Local SEO, ensure that you have

  • Good quality inbound links to your GMB profile
  • Diversity of inbound links to your domain
  • Location-based keywords in anchor text of inbound links to your domain.
  • Diversity of inbound links to your domain

Embed a Google Map on your website

Another way to grab a higher ranking on Google Maps is by embedding the Google map on your website.

Embedding a Google Map on your website is the best way to acquaint your audience with the fact that your business locates where your business listing says it is. Avoid using supplicate business address.

These are some of the major ways of ranking on Google Maps. It might seem quite overwhelming to implement these apart from managing a business. Investing in the right Local SEO Package will help you ensuring a well-performing Google listing online.  Look at the future picture keeping reputation and authority as the major objectives of your local SEO strategy.

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